Nina Lauren Ninette De La is an exquisite appellation for an even more resplendent young lady. Nina is a renowned American luminary, bestowed upon this world by her progenitors Millie Corretjer and Oscar De La Hoya. Nina has been a celebrity since the very inception of her existence, owing to her profound fame. The adoration for Nina has mirrored the ardent devotion and blossoms lavished upon Milli and Oscar.

Oscar De La Hoya is a widely recognized pugilist, boasting numerous championships beneath his illustrious legacy. Without a doubt, he is hailed as nothing short of the preeminent American boxing impresario of his era.

As for Nina’s mother, Millie Corretjer, she is a celebrated pop songstress, actress, and model hailing from the enchanting lands of Puerto Rico. Nina Lauren Ninette De La graced this world on the 29th of December in 2007, rendering her a 14-year-old adolescent at present, on the cusp of turning 15, while still diligently pursuing her education.

Moreover, she relishes the tremendous allure of paparazzi and the rapt attention bestowed upon her during public appearances with her parents. Her substantial legion of ardent admirers is a testament to her magnetic charisma.

Personal Life

Nina Lauren Ninette De La proudly claims Puerto Rican heritage, having been born on the captivating island and embracing its nationality. According to trusted sources within her close-knit family circle, Nina shares an affectionate and unbreakable bond with her brothers and father. Her endearing and winsome persona captivates audiences, garnering considerable intrigue and fascination in public domains.

It is only a matter of time before Nina graces television screens, as her poised poses for paparazzi cameras demonstrate her readiness. Despite the overwhelming love and attention from the public, Nina’s social media accounts remain private, providing scant insight into her personal life.


Nina shares her parents’ affections with five other siblings, including Jacob De La Hoya, Atiana De La Hoya, Oscar Gabriel De La Hoya, and Devon De La Hoya. Each of her siblings, akin to Nina, basks in the same limelight and fervor of paparazzi, relishing a lifestyle befitting that of esteemed celebrities.

The eldest among them is Atiana, venturing into the realms of modeling and acting, just beginning to carve her path in the industry. Jacob follows Atiana as the second-born, zealously treading the boxing path paved by his illustrious father, Oscar De La Hoya. Notably, Jacob is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree at the University of California. Following Jacob, Devon ranks third, wholeheartedly embracing the boxing legacy of his father and brother.

Moreover, he accompanies Jackson to the boxing ring and is poised to make his own debut soon. Like his siblings, Devon is also a student pursuing his undergraduate studies at the University of California. Oscar Gabriel, the namesake of his father, assumes the fourth position among Nina’s siblings and is presently enrolled in a junior high school program. He, too, ardently admires various sports, with boxing holding a special place in his heart. Hence, we witness yet another of Oscar’s progeny treading the path laid by their esteemed father.

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