Susan Deixler, now aged 74, was the inaugural spouse of American crooner and the musical luminary of the 1970s, Barry Manilow. They were youthful sweethearts and exchanged marital vows immediately following their graduation from high school in 1964, when Susan was a mere 19 years old.

The Enchanting High School Affair

The celebrated protagonist of “Copacabana,” hailing from the borough of Brooklyn under the given name Barry Alan Pinkus, wedded his then-paramour Deixler during her nascent post-high school days.

Their courtship commenced during her penultimate year and his ultimate year at Eastern District High School in Brooklyn. Theirs was a tale of ardor reminiscent of a celluloid tale or the pages of a teenage novel. Deixler, the charismatic socialite, and Manilow, the reticent maestro of the band, became the paragon of school romance.

Although Manilow progressed one grade ahead of Deixler, it is rumored that the vivacious and self-assured Susan enveloped him under her metaphorical wings, a swoon-inducing spectacle for any aficionado of teenage infatuation.

Shortly after Deixler’s commencement, they resolved to consummate the stereotype by embracing matrimony. However, due to parental pressures that extended to every facet of their nuptials, including the ceremony itself—a quintessential hallmark of teenage romance—the youthful couple eventually absconded to the courthouse, further epitomizing the archetypal narrative of a teenage love story.

The Dissolution

Based on the scant information shared by Manilow and Deixler, it can be reasonably deduced that their marital union was one of felicity during its tenure.

A year hence, Manilow terminated the matrimony, driven by his aspirations to pursue a musical odyssey separate from his erstwhile spouse. He maintains that his immaturity and yearning for “musical adventures” motivated his departure. Deixler subsequently pursued an annulment on the grounds of “fraud,” a matter on which neither party has expounded in the ensuing decades.

While Manilow attributes the course of events to his own immaturity, he steadfastly asserts that Deixler was the epitome of an ideal wife throughout their marriage and that he remained enamored with her even as their paths diverged.

Professional Endeavors

Susan Deixler chose not to remarry, focusing instead on her vocation as a nurse. Presently, she serves as a care manager at an in-house nursing service organization for elderly individuals in California.


Deixler is the mother of two adult children, whose vocations as a lawyer and a musician are the only known details, as she guards her privacy zealously.

Susan Deixler’s Financial Status

While the wealth of Barry Manilow, the rock star, is a matter of public knowledge, information regarding Susan Deixler’s salary, assets, and overall net worth remains elusive.

Her occupation entails serving at a nursing organization in California, and she is purportedly a certified holistic healer. Considering these circumstances and the fact that her children have established themselves as professionals, one can surmise that she enjoys a comfortable financial standing, devoid of any financial difficulties.

Current Romantic Involvement

There is no available information pertaining to Susan Deixler’s current romantic entanglements. Almost five decades after their separation, Deixler and Manilow appear to maintain an amicable rapport. Indeed, when news of Manilow’s nuptials with his longtime partner emerged, she expressed her well wishes.

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